Primarily, electric scooters focus on the mobility struggles faced by those among us who are physically challenged or elderly. Respiratory conditions, arthritic situations, heart weakness or just the general inability to ambulate due to inflexibility caused by aging are all unfavourable to our ability to function in the world. Electric Scooters not only allow freedom but independence as well.

Rolling Spokes offer electric scooters for every budget and lifestyle ranging from $895 to $8995, from break-apart to full size, and up to a 3 year warranty on select models.

Whether you are just out to the local store or visiting friends and family afar we have the perfect scooter for you! Guaranteed that you will achieve much deserved confidence whether doing daily tasks or in travelling experiences.

With our stylish and dependable scooters, wonderful opportunities are yours for the taking!

Scooter Accessories such as windshields, walker holders, rear totes, flags, and canopies (with or without rain covers are available)!

Below you will find some of our most popular scooters! Click on the picture for more information.