Modular Ramps

Designed to address the accessibility needs of the residential and light commercial market, EZ-ACCESS Modular Ramp systems are an excellent choice when accessibility needs to extend beyond the scope of a portable ramp. The efficient design uses less hardware and no pre-assembly is required. EZ-ACCESS Modular Ramps comply with ADA guidelines and offer quick and convenient installation and removal.

Think Green !

Every day is a good day to remind you how environmentally-friendly the EZ-Access Portable & Modular Ramps are:

The rubber threshold ramps are made entirely of recycled rubber from tires diverted from landfills.* Unlike wood that may be treated with toxic chemicals, or steel that is subject to rust and decay, the aluminum portable and modular ramp systems have excellent corrosion resistance and are recyclable.* The modular ramp systems can be re-used as they can be expanded, moved and reconfigured if needed, giving them an even longer life cycle.