Lift Chair recliners add freedom and comfort to any person’s daily life that has trouble getting up and getting comfortable in regular furniture. Many people can benefit, such as those with arthritis, hip or knee problems, diabetes, stroke victims, leg swelling, and those recovering from any type of surgery.

One size does not fit all!

It is very important that the lift chair fits the individual. If the lift chair is too large, then a shorter person’s feet will not be on the floor when the chair is in the full lift position which makes it difficult for the person to get out of the chair. It is important that seat height from the floor, the seat depth, and the seat width be matched to the person using the chair.

From economical two-position to luxury lift chair models complete with heat and massage we will help you select the best fitting lift chair possible. Many colours to choose from – you will find one that is just right for you!


Most (if not all) personal care homes require that any chair brought into the facility now have either vinyl, Crypton, or the Nanotex material.  These materials offer a moisture barrier, stain and odor resistant, easy to clean antimicrobial material.


Lift chairs generally come in 3 different types of recline positions:

  • 2-Position: Two major positions, straight and a slight recline of approximately 45 degrees.
  • 3-Position: One step further than the 2-position lift chair in that it can almost reach a full recline.
  • Infinite Position (Sleeper): These infinite position lift chairs have dual motors, one for the back and one for the legs. This allows for an “infinite” amount of positions.
  • Wall-A-Way: Unlike most lift chairs that need to be approx 16″ from the wall, the Wall-a-way only needs to be 3″ from the wall. A great type of chair for confined spaces.

….then there are the back styles. Each style fits each individual differently.  We have nearly 50 lift chairs in stock at all times.  We suggest that you stop by and sit in them to see which one is more fitting for you.

Great Quality! Great Style! Great Value! Great Lift Chairs!

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