Bathroom Safety

Whether it’s a walk-in bathtub, a simple shower head, a portable bath-lift or just a set of grab rails, staff at Rolling Spokes have the experience and knowledge to help you find the safe solution for all your bathing needs.
A bathroom, or more specifically a bathtub, can be the most hazardous spot in your home. Thousands of accidents occur in bathtubs and bathrooms across the country every year.

Bath safety includes following certain safety procedures, but it also includes equipment and facilities – such as modified bathtubs, showers and toilets. People have various physical limits and strengths, so your bathtub, shower and toilet should be modified to suit your personal requirements.

Safety aids for bathrooms include grab bars and hand held showers. The grab bars should be securely mounted onto the walls for added security when entering, exiting and moving around inside the tub. Hand held showers are mounted on the wall and can be detached to allow for seated washing. Transfer benches, bath stools/seats and tub grab bars are items that are also designed with your safety in mind. Other areas of your bathroom can also be modified for safety such as toilet safety frames, commodes and raised toilet seats. All these accessible devices can instantly turn your bathtub into a safer place.

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