Aids to Daily Living

aids-to-daily-livingThis can be a very extensive list of items with only a few ideas listed below of what is available to aid in the everyday living of individuals. Stop in the store and see the extensive products that are on display. Different and novel items are coming in on a regular basis – you never know what you will find.

We also carry a large selection of Tranquility incontinence products

If it is not in stock be assured that we can supply it!

Dressing Aids:

zipper pulls, button fasteners, sock aids, elastic shoelaces, long handled shoehorns

Grooming Aids:

Long handled combs/brushes, back scrubbers and toe dryers


Cardholders, Needle Threaders, Talking Watches, wedge pillows, bone pillows, Reminder Rosie

Kitchen/Dining Aids:

kettle tippers, tap turners, weighted or built up cutlery, weighted mugs, specialty plates

Everyday Aids:

Magnetic Jewellery clasps, reachers, magnifiers, Key turners


Theraband, Exercise Balls, Pedal exercisers, Daylight Therapy Lamps, Compression Hosiery, Supports & Braces, Blood Pressure Monitors, TENS machines,


Bed pads, wheelchair seating, walker handles, rollator back straps, slippers, shoe inserts,

Novelty Gift Items/Ideas:

Redfeather Pain Spray, Foot care products

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