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I am the President and co-owner of Rolling Spokes. Vern and I purchased Rolling Spokes in 2005 and have grown not only as a business but as the people within. I personally enjoy the people I work with as well as the clients and families that are our business. It is amazing to watch the transformation of new staff as the compassion for those “in need” grows day to day.  You cannot work in this type of industry and not become consumed with helping others. I have said many times ‘if you can go home at the end of the day and feel that you have made someone’s day just a little bit better, it has been a good day!


I am the Vice President and co-owner of Rolling Spokes. At the time of purchasing Rolling Spokes I was employed with the Canadian Pacific Railway for over 25 years which kept me away from my family far too much.  This business came up for sale and after a few meetings with the owner it was mentioned to me that another fellow might be interested to purchase as well.  She put us in touch with each other and after several meetings we decided to partner up and buy it together.  Being able to get in to this business and retire from the railway was a huge change.  Having the opportunity to spend this time with my family is what I enjoy the most. When I am not working that is where you will find me – spending time with my wife, kids and grandchild!  I really enjoy working to make everyone happy.  I like to make sure everyone has a chance with something they may require whether it is figuring some numbers so someone can afford a scooter or working on evenings and weekends to make sure a client can get home.


I have been with Rolling Spokes since 2005; the year in which my husband Vernon purchased the business along with Les. Some moments, when working with my husband, get a little tense but on the most part we work very well together. We, my husband and I, along with the staff have formed a great team I must say. My official title is “Office Manager” but I wear many more hats than just that.  I am amazed at the amount of product that is available to help the aging and disabled. I have been working in customer service since 1984 and nothing is more gratifying than searching and finding what a customer is hunting for. This has been a very interesting business to say the least. It is wonderful that the aging can stay in their own home much longer with all the equipment that is available. When I am not at work I love spending time with family and friends; and time in our wonderful back yard is always a great way to end each day.


I am the daughter of Vernon and Sharla. I started working temporally at Rolling Spokes in 2010 after graduating from Assiniboine Community College. I started off with cleaning the store, arranging product displays, and other little odd jobs then moved on to helping Sharla with book work. When Rolling Spokes started to get busier, my temporary job then turned into a full-time job. Since then my full-time job as assistant bookkeeper has changed.  I am now manager of our clothing department which is called “Ashley’s Adaptive Apparel”.  We have two locations; one inside of Rolling Spokes and the other in Winnipeg! For the months of October to December & April to June I travel all around Manitoba to various communities to bring our clothing line to personal care homes.  Doing this gives the people who can’t get around easily the opportunity to shop on their own and not rely on others to do it for them. Although it is wonderful when family takes the time to come join in on the excitement!


I started with Rolling Spokes in 2012 to help with maintenance and installations. Since then I have enjoyed watching the business grow and diversify into the company that it is today. For me probably the biggest surprise in working within this industry is the amazing people facing their issues with, for most part, positive attitudes and their drive to get better.


I have been with Ashley’s Adaptive Apparel since it opened its doors in Winnipeg, April 2015. I am the store assistant manager and am here to assist you with the transition of open back clothing for your loved one. In the spring and fall you will also see me assisting Ashley with our clothing shows at various Personal Care Homes in Winnipeg and surrounding area. I have worked in the customer service/hospitality business since 1978 and enjoy every aspect of it. Pop in and say hi, and I will show you around!


I started working at Rolling Spokes a few years ago. I have over 25 years of customer service experience. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them find the product that will work for them. I am the person you will see if you need compression stockings or braces I am also one of the main people who sets up wheelchairs with the correct seating and backs so they are ready for delivery. I bring with me to the business my years of vehicle detailing making sure whenever something comes in it goes out better!


Teresa has been with us since the fall of 2017 and fitting in quite nicely.  She is at the front desk to greet you upon entry and to guide you in the right direction to what or who you are looking for.  

Licensed provider for Manitoba Blue Cross, Veteran Affairs, & First Canadian Health (NIHB)

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